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vijay batra

Vijay Batra
Karmalogist | Spiritual Leader | Personal Counselor | Thought Awakening Author | Spiritual Healer for Negativity.

About Vijay Batra

Founder : College of Spiritual Education, New Delhi (INDIA)
Founder : Serve & Care Charitable Society, New Delhi (INDIA)

Author of many Spiritual Books, Hundreds of articles and Thousands quotes about Life, Relationship and Spirituality in Hindi and English, Imparting Unique Spiritual Education in 'College of Spiritual Education', New Delhi, INDIA.

I am Karmalogist, Astro Counselor, Life Coach & Spiritual Healer. My interest in Spiritualism, first started when I was a kid of nine years. My work & knowledge has been appreciated by saints & intellectuals. I have done programs with Pragya tv channel. I have also written a book " from Zero to Salvation" & number of quotes, articles on spiritualism in print media & electronic media.
Since 2004 I have been providing online & personal counseling to people who are misguided by superstitions and orthodox beliefs and searching for the real answers on worldly or spiritual problems. I have benefited thousands of people in India and abroad.

You can derive benefits from my workshop and personal/spiritual counseling when you need guidance about personal, worldly or spiritual problems, I help overcome any obstacle of life and guide with effective form of counseling & spiritual remedies to eradicate problems.

Contact for personal counseling.

Please note that I do not promote or teach any sort of black magic and spell casting. I only help people who are victims of the evil eye, evil spirit or black magic. Please do not contact me if your interest involves casting spells or to do black magic on someone.

As a Life Coach

life guru and coach from indiaLife Coaching is a learning progression that inter connects the developmental needs of the individual. Life coach guide people to successful life as he is skilled in helping you to make good improvements in life. Results can be faster and better through powerful questions with the expertise guidance of a good Life Coach as we do. more...

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Solutions for all


- How To Choice Good Career Direction, Focus and Target.


- How to maintain good Realtionship with anyone.


- How to help and find your status in family which you deserve


- How to make space in the heart of your loved one.


- How to support kids for their future and their career.

Life Challenges

- How to tacle the challeges of life which you face again and again.
Planetary Dilemmas   How to know which Planet position good for you
Relocation   How to know which is good place for my success and health.
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(Karmalogist, Astro Counselor, Life Coach & Spiritual Healer)
M: +91 9811677316

Email: vijaybtr@gmail.com


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